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How Giannetti Artisans Began…

Welcome to the authentic Italia brought to you by Giannetti Artisans: importer of Italian Food, artisan made. We are a Chicago-based company whose owner lives in Florence, Italy. Giannetti Artisans imports the very best and carefully selected Artisan-Made food from various regions around Italy.

Owner Sally Giannetti started this business as a direct reflection of her personal story. Living and traveling in Italy allowed for her to discover the various culinary secrets of true Made in Italy excellence.  She learned that each region has its very own production of specialty items and ingredients.

As a result Sally’s business idea originated from witnessing time and time again how her family was profoundly thrilled to receive food from the home country. It  satisfied her to bring home a jar of Bronte Pistachio Pasta Sauce with the pistachios grown at the foothills of Mount Etna, Sicily or a bottle of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil with olives picked off the trees, grown in the hilltops of the Chianti area and bottled personally by Sally. Ultimately, it became priceless to see her family so appreciative to receive a taste of authentic Italian food each and every time!

In essence, this passion turned into her full-time job and now Sally personally selects each and every item. She searches for the very highest quality Italian ingredients guaranteeing their authenticity, quality and origin produced by smaller Artisans.

We bring back the real old-world tastes without modifying our items for the public just to sell more. Our objective is to simply offer what is REAL!

Our Certifications

Giannetti Artisans has certifications from Italian government entities that authorize the authenticity of our products such as our Balsamic Vinegar (IGP – PGI), Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano (IGP – PGI), Modica Chocolate from Sicily (IGP – PGI) and Farro of Garfagnana (IGP – PGI). Many of our Sicilian products have also won excellence awards at the Fancy Food Shows around the country.

To conclude we feel that the best part of what we do is allowing the world to taste and savor what our beautiful and enchanting Italy offers not to mention witness how the Italians passionately preserve their culinary tastes and traditions. Grazie e Buon Appetito a Tutti!



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