Dry Porcini Mushrooms from Tuscany

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  • 2024 Hunted (in Tuscany) Italian Porcini Mushrooms.
  • Oven-Dried with concentrated nutty flavor.
  • Certified Origin: Garfagnana (LU) – Toscana.
  • All-natural with absolutely no preservatives or additives.
  • Available until supplies last (seasonal item) 

Ingredients: 100% Oven-Dried Porcini Mushrooms (boletus edulis & related group). Origin: ITALIA Toscana Garfagnana.


Dry Porcini Mushrooms from Tuscany

Giannetti Artisans’s Dry Porcini Mushrooms are classified as a”celebrity” of Italian cuisine.  “Porcino” is the common name of the genus Boletus mushroom species. They are often classified in four boletes species (the section of the genus Boletus Edules) belonging to Boletus edulis.

The Boletus edulis or porcino (literally “little pig”) is king among wild mushrooms. As a matter of fact it can grow up to ten-inches tall, a foot in diameter and weigh 1kg (2lbs) when mature.  The mushrooms are brown and ochre with a white stipe or stem. The most highly prized have a chocolate colored cap, which when sliced forms a neat outline to the smooth and creamy pale flesh inside.

Expert mushroom hunters find Porcini in woodlands and forests throughout Tuscany. Porcini grow in symbiosis with the trees, enveloping their root systems. Interestingly, Porcini can be found growing in pine forests while the very best are closely associated with chestnut trees.

Our particular Dry Porcini Mushrooms grow near beautiful chestnut, acacia and beech trees in the forest area of Garfagnana, Tuscany.  

Due to the short shelf life of fresh porcini, Giannetti Artisans sources oven-dried Porcini which make them a delightful ingredient for a winter dish.  8,090 per cent of a porcini’s weight is lost through evaporation during the drying process while concentrating all the mushroom’s flavors. As a result, dried porcini are a versatile winter ingredient.

Cook them with a little pancetta in risotto, or use in pasta sauces. Mix with chicken liver paste and spread on crostini as an antipasto. Perhaps stir them into stracotto, a rich slow-cooked beef and wine stew: buon appetito!

Ingredients: 100% Oven-Dried Porcini Mushrooms (boletus edulis & related group). Origin: ITALIA Toscana Garfagnana.



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3 reviews for Dry Porcini Mushrooms from Tuscany

  1. Harold Irgang

    I have purchased from different sellers on Amazon, but these are the best of the best. Get them while you can for they really are the best porcini mushrooms from Italy. Don’t look any further Giannetti Artisans are the best!

  2. Leonard Rizzolo (verified owner)

    I have recently used these in a stew preparation and they are ,without a doubt, the best I have ever tasted. They are plump ,juicy, and very tasty.

  3. May Sarti (verified owner)

    My husband’s family is from Tuscany, a small village called Montefegatesi. His family would always send us their dried porcini. Unfortunately, time has gone by and the family has gotten older.
    These are the best porcini that i have been able to find. I have made risotto and a tomato sauce with them. Excellent! And i am back now to buy more! I will also look at Giannetti ‘s other products.

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