Avola Almonds from Sicily


  • 100% All-Natural Pizzuta Variety Almonds
  • Imported from Avola, Sicily
  • Consortium certified Avola Almonds
  • Used in making Italian confetti
  • An Excellent and Healthy snack

Ingredients: 100% All natural ‘Pizzuta” variety Sicilian Almonds.


All-Natural Sicilian Avola Almonds

Giannetti Artisans is happy to offer All-Natural Avola Almonds. In particular we source the “Pizzuta” variety almond.

The almond cultivation has characterized the Sicilian agricultural landscape for centuries, creating wonderful views. Its enchanting white and fragrant flowers announce the arrival of spring. Originally from Central Asia, the almond arrived in Sicily with the Greeks.  In fact, the Romans called it the “Greek walnut”!

Interestingly, this cultivation in the island covers 48 thousand hectares of land, with a production of about 600,000 quintals, focused in particular on the territory of Agrigento and the Val di Noto, between the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa (the sunniest ones in Italy).

La Pizzuta, defined by Sciascia “a perfect oval”, is the undisputed queen of the highest quality confectionery and pastry. Its shell is hard, smooth, with small pores and a pointed end. Pizzuta almonds are flat and delicate but bursting with rich almond flavor they are similar in taste to the Romana variety but with an even sweeter, subtler flavor. Pizzuta have a long lasting flavor thanks to their high essential oil content.

The Sicilian “Pizzuta”, 1 of 3 Sicilian varieties, is protected by a Consortium under the “Avola almond” brand.  They are an excellent product thanks to the organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties, which distinguish them from other almonds on the market. Not to mention the Pizzuta: queen of all almonds and famous for use in making Italian confetti!

The Almond of Avola is a “wealth of health”: it contains a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and vegetable proteins. In addition, it is also a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, precious diet supplement, rich in nutrients. The general recommendation is a consumption of three to six Avola Almonds a day. – 3.25 oz – 100 g


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