Sicilian Pistachio Flour


  • Imported from Bronte (Pistachio Capital) Sicily, Italy
  • Certified Italian Origin
  • True 100% Ground Sicilian Pistachios, all natural!
  • Bronte Pistachios grown on Mount Etna’s Volcanic Soil in Sicily
  • Make amazing pistachio cakes with our delicious Sicilian Pistachios

Ingredients: 100% Ground Sicilian Pistachios (8.8 OZ)

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Sicilian Pistachio Flour

Giannetti Artisans Sicilian Pistachio Flour is a very special, artisan produced flour. We import our extraordinary product from a small town called Bronte located near Catania in Sicily.

Interestingly, Bronte sits right underneath the famous Sicilian Volcano of Mount Etna. Due to its geographic location, you can witness the eruptions of the massive Mount Etna. This phenomenon makes Bronte quite a magical place. Furthermore, it is Italy’s largest pistachio producing area.

In fact, Bronte Pistachios have a high demand due to the fact that there is small quantity of Pistachio production and picked every 2 years. Bronte pistachios have a violet colored outer skin and a bright green colored kernel inside.

As a result, these Pistachios are famous for their exceptional quality and taste. Furthermore, Bronte Pistachios have obtained much fame around the world due to the fact that the pistachio plantations grow on Mount Etna’s soil! See:
Giannetti Artisans uses only 100% ground Sicilian Pistachios for our Pistachio Flour!

Find great recipes in our recipe tab since Pistachio Flour has many different uses for baking. Enjoy!

Ingredients: 100% Ground Sicilian Pistachios (8.8 OZ) – Gluten Free

*Written Certification is available that this product is made with 100% Sicilian Pistachios.




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