Artisanal Italian Acacia Honey


  • NEW 2018 BATCH
  • Imported from Tuscany – CERTIFIED ITALIAN PRODUCT
  • 100% All-Natural Acacia Honey
  • Unheated Artisan-Made Honey
  • Made in Garfagnana, Lucca

Ingredients: 100% Acacia honey made from Acacia tree blossoms- Glass Jar: 17.63 OZ (500 gr)

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Artisanal Italian Acacia Honey

Giannetti Artisans’s Artisanal Italian Acacia Honey is produced in a beautiful foresty area called Garfagnana located right outside of Lucca, Tuscany.

Having said this, the production of Acacia honey from this particular area is among the best in Europe due to such low pollution of this region. In addition, there is a particular climatic condition that allows for a prolonged blossoming season.

It is important to realize that, our Artisanal Italian Acacia Honey is a raw honey. Contrary to industrial honey found on your local grocery store shelves, ours is an all-natural UNHEATED honey.

For this reason, the honey’s density may change with time. This demonstrates that our product is a pure and genuine specialty item. With this in mind, the taste of our Acacia honey is pronounced, yet very delicate. You’ll LOVE IT guaranteed!

Ultimately, Giannetti Artisans has selected this particular Acacia Honey because we are certain of the product origin. This guarantees the quality of this extraordinary Artisan-Made speacialty item. Simply wonderful! – Glass Jar: 17.63 OZ (500 gr)



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