Tagliatelle Pasta Recipe with Italian Porcini Mushrooms

Tagliatelle Pasta Recipe with Italian Porcini Mushrooms

Tagliatelle Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms Recipe

With a 50 gr bag of Giannetti Artisans Italian Porcini Mushrooms  you’ll serve about 4/5 persons. I suggest a good tagliatelle pasta. I would avoid industrial pasta and perhaps look for something truly artisan.
Soak the Porcini overnight in a large bowl of water. Do not throw out the water they were soaked in. Leave yourself a glass or so after you remove the Porcini from the water.
When you are ready to serve your dish (about 30 min ahead of time):
Chop a clove of garlic and some parsley. It will be a dry pesto that you will later mix with the mushrooms (this will be part of your pasta sauce).
Once the Porcini have soaked overnight rinse them in a large strainer under some water just to make sure there isn’t any soil residue. Don’t forget to keep aside a glass of the soaked water. (It will be brown).
Cut up the Porcini (not too small).
Your pasta should be boiling in a pot. Make sure you calculate the pasta cooking time with the sauce preparation that shouldn’t take longer than 10 min.
In the meantime you will have a large cooking pan on your stove with some olive oil, allow the olive oil to heat, NOT BURN. Add your dry pesto, allow the garlic to turn golden and add the cut Porcini, use the Porcini water to keep the Porcini moist and give the sauce some juice. Then add a tablespoon of milk to the sauce. Allow to cook for 5 min.
Add the cooked pasta (drained from boiling water) to lightly blend with the sauce and serve. If you want to decorate, add some fresh parsley once you’ve serve pasta in dish.
Enjoy your Giannetti Artisans Italian Porcini Mushrooms from the beautiful Garfagnana area in Lucca!

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  1. I never knew that you should soak the mushrooms overnight. I have never really cooked with porcini before, so that’s good info.

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