Sicilian Almond Paste – Unsweetened


  • Imported from Sicily, CERTIFIED ITALIAN PRODUCT.
  • ALL NATURAL 100% Ground Sicilian Almond Paste.
  • A Traditional & Authentic Sicilian Drink used to quench your thirst!
  • Make your own Almond Milk with no preservatives or additives by adding water and sugar.
  • Also used to make granitas and gelato.
  • Option of purchasing both the sweetened version in a “brick” form and a unsweetened pistachio paste jar used to make gelato as a 2-pack.

Ingredients: 100% ground Sicilian Almonds (1 jar 7.05 OZ) – makes about 2 1/2 liters of Almond Milk (70 OZ) – (makes about 10/12 glasses as seen in picture).


Sicilian Almond Paste – Unsweetened – Artisan Made in Italy

What do you think about making your very own Sicilian Almond Milk with our Sicilian Almond Paste? Not only that….. how do you feel about making it with 100% Sicilian Almonds? Sicilian Almonds are not just any almonds. Uniquely, they are world famous because of their heart-shaped form and sweet delicate taste!

Just to give you a little insight, our Sicilian Almond Milk Mix is a truly marvelous item. Ultimately, Sicilian almonds are the best almonds in the world due to the fact that they grow in Sicily’s volcanic soil. Unlike other almonds our producer naturally sun-dries them rather than dry process with industrial machinery.

The Sicilian Almond Milk is a natural thirst quencer! Almond Milk is typically served at the Sicilian Cafès during Sicily’s very hot and arid season. In addition, the Sicilians use it to make Italian Ice.

Our Almond Milk Mix is a jarred paste.  Many think that if you grind almonds you get a powder however, almonds are seeds and they contain oil. Having said this, once we grind the almonds they form an ALL NATURAL paste.  In fact, the paste contains almonds and almond oil only! The liquid inside is actually the natural almond oil that will rise to the top of the jar.

To say the least this is A VERY ARTISANAL, and GENUINE item!! Taste to believe!

To make your own Almond Milk our recipe suggests the following: Just add water, sugar in the raw and mix (best results with electric mixer). Best tasting chilled and don’t forget to shake!

Ingredients: 100% ground Sicilian Almonds (1 jar 7.05 OZ) – makes about 2 1/2 liters of Almond Milk (70 OZ) – (makes about 10/12 glasses as seen in picture)

For more info about delcious Sicilian Almonds read this great article at:

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Pack Size

Single Jar, 2-Pack, Mix & Match – 1 Unsweetened Jar + 1 Sweetened Pack, Mix & Match – 1 Jar Almond Paste + 1 Jar Pistachio Paste (Unsweetened)


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