Modica Chocolate Classic Flavor

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  • Imported Dark Chocolate from Modica, Italy.
  • Handmade by our expertise family-owned artisan in Sicily. 
  • 60% cocoa with raw sugar as per the traditional “MODICANA” recipe.
  • Crunchy and delicious with 6 flavor variations: (Classic, Orange Peels, Pistachio Nuts, Hot Pepper, Cinnamon, Pomegranate).
  • Certified Italian Product.

Ingredients: Cocoa paste 60%, brown sugar. (May contain traces of nuts). – 3.52 oz (100 g)


Modica Chocolate Classic Flavor – Made in Sicily

Giannetti Artisans Modica Chocolate Classic Flavor is an excellent niche Chocolate from Sicily!

The small Italian town of Modica in Sicily is famous for their unique chocolate.  We process our Modica chocolate as did the Aztecs during time of the Spanish conquistadors. Technically we define it as the  “cold” chocolate maintaining its grainy and crumbly texture. Our artisans have kept it crunchy unlike the conventional smooth chocolate that we know. They have adapted the recipe a bit to satisfy our taste buds by adding brown sugar and making it even more delicious for us!

The secret behind the Modican chocolate is that it has very little cocoa butter and no white sugar. On the contrary, our producer uses granulated brown sugar that you can see and taste in every bite! Since there is very little cocoa butter, the best thing is that it doesn’t melt. A white patina on the chocolate bar is a normal aspect of this particular processing due to the cocoa butter resurfacing.

Producing Modica Chocolate

Our artisan collects all cocoa beans and roasts them to bring out the best flavor. They crush beans and remove the cocoa butter after crushing. To conclude, paste is completed by heating up the crushed beans and addition of the following ingredients:

Granulated sugar, the separated cocoa butter, and finally any necessary flavoring.

After the paste is made, it is poured into the metallic molds shaped like a rectangle with four boxes. So if you want to eat chocolate and not feel bad about eating it, then eat chocolate di Modica. If you want to do as they did in the past, you can even drink the chocolate to keep yourself warm during winter.

Ingredients: Cocoa paste 60%, brown sugar. (May contain traces of nuts). – 3.52 oz (100 g)

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Classic Flavor

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1 review for Modica Chocolate Classic Flavor

  1. Gordon Gruenes

    My friend had ordered this before and told me how special this chocolate was. What an understatement. The first taste was unbelievable. The second was even better. If you haven’t ordered this yet, you are missing out.

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