Italian Dry Chestnuts


  • Imported from Tuscany, Italy – 2019 Dried Chestnuts
  • Dried Italian Chestnuts from Tuscany
  • A 100% Certified Italian Product
  • Great for stews or stuffings, recommended for use with Rum
  • Chestnuts grown, selected, dried and packed in Garfagnana, Lucca!

Ingredients: 100% Italian Chestnuts from Tuscany

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Italian Dry Chestnuts

Giannetti Artisans’s Italian Dry Chestnuts from Tuscany are a truly delicious treat. The Apuane Alps is the home of our wonderful Chestnuts. A true Tuscan specialty item right outside of Lucca, Italy.

It is important to realize that we pick and select our chestnuts carefully. Henceforth, a “metato”(covered roasting chamber/house) dries our delicious chestnuts for 40 days at a constant temperature of 86°F. See Metato: .

Eventually, we hand select and hand pack the chestnuts once dried. Furthermore, the dry chestnuts do not contain any kind of preservatives. Giannetti Artisans’s Dry Chestnuts are a true all natural product. Keep in mind however, that our chestnuts are a seasonal item. Unfortunately, they may not always be available throughout the year.

Overall our chestnuts confirm the authenticity, origin and freshness of a very exclusive  item as all Giannetti Artisans products!

You can use our Dry Chestnuts for stuffing or stews. This item exemplifies a true taste of Italian culture! Nonetheless, our delicious Giannetti Artisans Chestnut Flour is made with the same delicious Dry Chestnuts from Tuscany. – 1lb bag. – See:



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