Bergamot Jam from Italy


  • Organic Bergamot Jam Imported from Calabria, Italy
  • Certified Italian Product – Made with all Bio/Organic Ingredients
  • Slightly bitter with an incredibly light, fragrant zest!
  • 90% World bergamot production comes from Calabria (Reggio Calabria area)
  • Excellent to spread on toast or used on a fresh goat cheese!

Ingredients:  53% Organic Calabrese Bergamot, organic sugar in the raw, organic lemon juice, pectin. 7.7 oz


Calabrese Bergamot Jam – Artisan Made in Italy

Giannetti Artisans is excited to offer our extraordinary Calabrese Bergamot Jam. The bergamot is a wonderfully unique citrus that makes its home in Calabria. Bergamot fruit is round, slightly larger than an orange and not as yellow as a lemon. In addition, the skin is thin and has a delicate fragrance. Its interior on the other hand, is extremely pungent and resembles that of a grapefruit.

Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit from the tropical, Citrus bergamia plant. A 90% production in the world comes from the Calabria. In fact, the plant only grows in a small area ranging from Villa San Giovanni, just north of Reggio to Monasterace, which runs about 100 miles along the coast.

How does Bergamot Taste?

Unlike sweet oranges, bergamot oranges are sour and not eaten fresh, despite the fact that the fruit is a good source of vitamin A, C, B1, B2, & potassium.  In addition to being the star flavor of Earl Grey tea, the zest, and flesh of the bergamot fruit are used in Italy as a flavoring in cookies, custards, marmalades, syrups, and cocktails. Mix with mayonnaise or pesto and serve as a condiment with fish or meat entrees for an exceptional flavor!

Recently, focus of studies have shown that bergamot reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It’s a veritable cocktail all wrapped up in a very sweet smelling skin! 

Giannetti Artisans’s Calabrese Bergamot Jam is great for spreading on toast, or using on a fresh goat cheese. Our particular Jam contains selected organic Calabrese bergamots and sugar in the raw. A simple Italian excellence from Calabria!

Ingredients: 53% Organic Calabrese Bergamot, organic sugar in the raw, organic lemon juice, pectin. 7.7 oz

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