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Giannetti Artisans has spent a great amount of time searching for and selecting typical Italian food producers from all around Italy. In fact, Giannetti Artisans’s producers are small realities and family-run businesses. Generally, these kinds of artisans produce small quantities with high-quality ingredients. The Artisans produce our products through traditional and authentic preparation methods. As a result, our products are very exclusive.  As an illustration, a product falls into an “artisan-made” category when 70% of a product is produced manually.  For this reason, Giannetti Artisans believes “smaller means better”. Giannetti Artisans selects the very best specialty goods of most Italian regions. Furthermore, we select Italian Artisans that produce each and every item with the same passion that created Giannetti Artisans.

In most cases, the Artisans produce our food goods with their own Italian grown ingredients. Selection of such high-end food products allows Giannetti Artisans’s food goods to stand out as distinct Artisan-produced food as opposed to mass produced food goods. Typically, mass producers and distributors import most of their product’s ingredients. Mass producers keep their costs down and production quantities high. Often times you’ll read a “Made in Italy” label on NON-ITALIAN made products. Unfortunately, this confuses consumers when choosing between a real Italian Artisan-Made product or one that just has an Italian flag on its label. For this reason Giannetti Artisans works very hard during the product selection phase. In any case, we believe the taste of each and every product will speak for itself!

Giannetti Artisans guarantees all of our goods. In fact, our company “fights” fraudulent products that are on the market by selecting and importing certified Italian goods only. Many products out there have a “Made in Italy” declaration on their label with little or no Italian ingredients or production origin.  As a result, we have obtained official certifications from the following Italian consortiums: Consorzio dell’Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, Consorzio dell’Olio Toscano IGP, Consorzio dell’Olio di Lucca DOP and certification of the Farro della Garfagnana IGP. The government run consortiums’s job is to protect Italian products and their geographical origin. For this reason Giannetti Artisans collaborates with these government entities to guarantee true Italian craftsmanship, origin and the “Made in Italy” reputation.

As far as the U.S. is concerned, all Giannetti Artisans Italian producers and facilities are FDA registered and approved. At the present time, Giannetti Artisans’s Illinois warehouse is a Food-Grade Facility, certified by the Illinois State Health Department and FDA registered.

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