Sicilian Pistachio Spread from Bronte

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  • Made with 65% Certified Bronte Pistachios from Sicily
  • DOP Bronte Pistachios Certification (Pistacchio Verde di Bronte)
  • Gluten Free and no palm oil added
  • Sourced and Imported from Sicilian artisans with pistachio tree plantations
  • Excellent on toast or roasted bread!

Ingredients: Green Pistachio of Bronte 65%, sugar, corn oil, skimmed milk powder, No hydrogenated fats.

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DOP Certified Bronte Pistachio Spread

Giannetti Artisans is proud to offer our DOP Certified Sicilian Pistachio Spread from Sicily!  Unlike many of our competitors, we produce our Sicilian Pistachio Spread with true 65% certified Bronte Pistachios, making our spread a true high-end gourmet Italian delicacy!

We take pride in “educating” our clients about the products we source and why we choose them. In fact the Giannetti Artisans Sicilian Pistachio Spread is quite a special product since pistachios from Bronte are among the most exclusive pistachios around the world.

In particular, pistachio trees in Bronte grow on Mount Etna’s volcanic soil with a limited quantity of Pistachios. As a matter of fact, Bronte Pistachios are picked every 2 years. It is important to say that the organoleptic properties and tastes of the Bronte Pistachio are truly one of a kind; very sweet and delicate tasting. Bronte Pistachios are easy to identify by their bright yellow-green color!

Consequently, be aware of Greek and Iranian Pistachios that many sell as Bronte Pistachios with the Bronte Pistachio price tag!

Giannetti Artisans offers a 100% guaranteed Bronte Pistachio product. Our product is free of palm oil. 100% Artisan- produced. As a result, we offer a delicious Gluten Free spread for those of you who deserve to indulge in an above exquisite Sicilian Pistachio Spread!

Ingredients: Green Pistachio of Bronte 65%, sugar, corn oil, skimmed milk powder, No hydrogenated fats.

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1 review for Sicilian Pistachio Spread from Bronte

  1. LaDonna Keawe’ehu

    holy CATS this is good
    I read an online article about this product and bought it from Amazon on impulse. When I opened the jar, the greenish color was a little off-putting to me, but I tasted a bit with a spoon. It is just incredible. The texture is silky smooth; it’s a little sweet – but naturally so, from the pistachios. I love nut butters, and generally go for the crunchy ones filled with seeds – but this is so much better than I had ever expected. I see that Amazon is out of stock right now – that online article must have been widely read – but do yourself a favor and try it when you can. Simply delightful.

    • Sally Giannetti

      Love the “Holy Cats” comment!!

      Thanks for your comment on our spread. The spread is available again starting today!

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