Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP 25 OZ


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  • Produced in Tuscany Italy with 100% Florentine Olives
  • Certified by the Olive Oil Consortium of Tuscany
  • IGP (PGI) Certification Seal on Label
  • 2018 Harvest Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Tangy Flavored
  • Olives are not mixed 100% Tuscan Olives


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Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP 25 OZ

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP 25 OZ certified (Indicated Geographical Protected territory -Coldiretti) is an exceptional 2018 Harvest product. In addition, it is the winner of various awards in Italy! This olive oil comes from the hilltops of Montespertoli. This beautiful area is one of Chianti’s productive sub zone right outside of Florence.

Our producer is a family-owned and run business. As a result, this producer gives particular attention to the olive picking times. This makes a huge difference of the olive oil quality and taste. The Olives were picked at the beginning of Nov. 2018 for this particular harvest.

Olive oil from the Chianti and Florence area are known to have a tangy flavor and a fluorescent green color. An indication of  the genuine quality is the fact that the olive oil appears a bit opaque. Furthermore, as the olive oil ages its appearance will turn into a less fluorescent green color. This is due to the natural organoleptic transformations within the oil. The taste will remain outstanding even though it undergoes it’s natural changes .

Most noteworthy, you should taste Giannetti Artisans Olive Oil by pouring a small amount on a toasted piece of delicious Italian bread! Enjoy! Che delizia!!! – (25.3 OZ)


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