Sugared Almond Paste from Sicily


  • Imported from Italy – Avola Almonds famous for use in making Italian confetti.
  • Panetto di Mandorle – Sugared almond stick used to make almond milk & granitas. 
  • Made with peeled Avola Almonds from Sicily. 
  • 8.8 OZ stick makes 51 ounces of Almond milk – dilute in water.  
  • Made in Avola, Sicily by Artisans with Italian PASSION. 
  • Option to purchase unsweetened paste jarred as 2-pack.

Ingredients: Avola Almonds from Sicily 35%, Sugar 65%, May contain starch and other dry fruit.


Sugared Sicilian Almond Paste for Almond Milk and Granita – Sugared

Giannetti Artisan’s sugared Sicilian almond paste made with peeled Sicilian Avola almonds known as “panetto di mandorle” is as authentic as it can get!

This little 8.8 oz stick/block is a prepared mix of sugar and peeled almonds. In fact, typically used in Sicily during the summer months at the Italian cafès. Sicilians use the “panetto” by adding water to serve a fresh glass of Sicilian Almond Milk. In addition, we recommend it to make a delicious Sicilian granita!

Giannetti Artisans sourced this item from a Sicilian artisan located in Avola (near Siracusa) known as the Sicilian Almond capital. When mixed with water, you get an instant Sicilian Almond Milk mix just like at the cafe’s in Sicily.

It has the perfect dose of sugar that doesn’t make the drink overly sweet. 1 stick (8.8 oz) makes about 51 ounces of almond milk.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a non-sugared paste, we offer our “Giannetti Artisans Sicilian Almond Mix” jarred where you can add your own sugar and water to make an excellent Almond Milk thirst quenching drink in minutes.

Ingredients:  Avola Almonds from Sicily 35%, Sugar 65%, May contain starch and other dry fruit.

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Pack Size

Single Pack, 2-Pack, Mix & Match: 1 Sweetened paste + 1 Jarred Unsweetened paste


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