Spicy Pistachio Pesto


  • Imported from “The Pistachio Capital” in Sicily, Italy
  • Authentic High Quality Sicilian Ingredients
  • World-Famous Sicilian Pistachios grown on Mt. Etna’s volcanic soil
  • Ideal on penne pasta, with a, exquisite flavor!
  • Try our plain Pistachio Pesto with delicate Sicilian pistachios! 

Ingredients: Sicilian Pistachios 45%, Sunflower Oil, Sundried Tomatoes, Hot Pepper, Sugar, Salt (7 OZ)

Our Plain version: Sicilian Pistachios 60%, Sunflower oil, salt, sugar, black pepper.



Sicilian Spicy Pistachio Pesto

Our Sicilian Spicy Pistachio Pesto is a true Italian specialty item. Our pesto reflects a true Italian excellence from Southern Italy. As a matter of fact, Pistachio Pesto comes all the way from Mount Etna’s fertile volcanic soil in the town famous for its production and processing of Bronte Pistachios. Bronte is a small town located near Catania in Sicily well-known as the Italian Pistachio capital of Europe.

Bronte Pistachios are special due to the fact that unlike American or Asian pistachios, Bronte’s pistachio kernel is nearly always a yellowish color. Ironically,  this characteristic has made Bronte’s pistachio fruit of important value and famous around the world. In fact, the Italians proudly refer to Bronte Pistachios as the “Green Gold of Sicily”.  In addition to its intense green color, anything made with Bronte pistachios is delicate, warm and delicious.

Our pesto is a typical Sicilian dish used as a pasta condiment. We generally suggest the use of a short-haired pasta. It is simply excellent! Don’t forget to check out the recipe for this dish in our recipe section also included on the jar! Pasta al dente!!

Additional Recipe: https://giannettiartisans.com/recipe/giannetti-artisans-chicken-risotto-and-sicilian-pistachio-pesto-recipe/

Ingredients: Sicilian Pistachios 45%, Sunflower oil, Sundried Tomatoes, Hot Pepper, Sugar, Salt. (6.7 OZ)

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Single, 2-Pack, 3-Pack, Mix & Match 1 jar of Spicy + 1 jar of plain Pistachio Pesto


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