Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste for Gelato


  • Imported from Sicily – CERTIFIED ITALIAN PRODUCT
  • Used in Italian Pastries to make gelato.
  • Concentrate of 100% all natural Ground Sicilian Pistachios.
  • Bronte Pistachios grown on Mount Etna’s Volcanic Soil in Sicily.
  • Make your own Pistachio milk by adding water & sugar or use to make excellent GELATO or GRANITAS!

Ingredients: 100% Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste



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Giannetti Artisans’s Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste for Gelato is an Artisanal product from a small town called Bronte located right under the famous Sicilian volcano of Mount Etna. Bronte is such a special place because Italy’s largest pistachio production comes right from this town. Bronte Pistachios have a high demand due to their color and taste that identifies them above all other pistachios around the world. 

Another interesting fact is that the Bronte/Sicilian Pistachio plantationsgrow on the volcanic soil of Mount Etna and its surroundings. Giannetti Artisans’s Pistachio Paste is a very exclusive item. Make your very own Gelato or Pistachio Milk using this extraordinary paste!

Make your own Pistachio Milk with our Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste! Add water, sugar in the raw and mix. (Best results with electric mixer). Please keep in mind that one 7 oz jar makes (70 oz) about 10/12 glasses as seen in picture. Best when chilled.

If you are a gelato lover, then check out our pistachio gelato recipe under the recipe tab. Link provided: https://giannettiartisans.com/recipe/pistachio-gelato-with-sicilian-pistachio-paste/

Also keep in mind you can make a Sicilian Pistachio granita using the same recipe as the Almond granita by adding the pistachio paste! Enjoy Sicily!




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