Italian Stone Ground Corn Flour “Formenton 8 File” Variety


  • 2lb bag of Giannetti Artisans Italian Stone Ground Corn Flour “Formenton 8 File” Variety
  • Formenton variety corn cultivated in Tuscany!
  • Corn Cobs are naturally dried, no pesticides or herbicides used!
  • Excellent for a true rustic Polenta meal!
  • Whole wheat stone ground corn flour!
  • Sourced and imported from Italy!

Ingredients: 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat Corn

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Italian Stone Ground Corn Flour “Formenton 8 File” Variety

Giannetti Artisans is proud to offer this above excellent Italian Stone Ground Corn Flour “8 File Formenton” Variety. 

You may think: “What can be so special about corn flour?  Let us explain: “Formenton 8 File” is a very special variety of corn that is cultivated in Garfagnana (Tuscany).  Luckily, this is still an unpolluted area in Tuscany located near Lucca.

In fact, the “Formenton 8 File” is cultivated without the use of any kind of pesticides or herbicides. Its cultivation cycle is completed in 120 days and it undergoes an all-natural and ancient corn cob drying process.

It is important to highlight the fact that our corn cobs maintain their full organoleptic quality since the Formenton corn cob is not exposed to any kind of artificial heat. Once the corn cobs are dried, they are completely hand shucked.

Lastly, the (8 File) water mills stone ground the hand shucked corn. As a matter of fact, this grinding method enhances the organoleptic qualities of the corn flour because it is a very slow grinding process.

Giannetti Artisans Italian Stone Ground Corn Flour Formenton 8 File Variety is an exclusive certified flour. Look for the Garfagnana consortium seal on the label. This label certifies the production method and the raw material used as per traditional production method requirements needed to consider this an authentic corn flour made with Formenton 8 File Corn. We are certain that this will be the most delicious polenta meal you will eat in your lifetime!

2lb bag from Giannetti Artisans.


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