Dessert Wafers – Cialde di Montecatini

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  • Italian Almond Dessert Wafers – truly addictive!
  • Certified Italian product of Tuscany – from Montecatini Terme
  • Known as the cookie legend of Montecatini
  • All Italian ingredients & authentic family recipe! 
  • 5-Count Dessert Wafers to accompany with ice cream or simply enjoy as a delicious snack! – available in 2 & 3 packs.

Ingredients: Italian almonds, sugar, wheat flour, milk, eggs, vanillin flavors. No added fats or chemical additives. (8.11 OZ)

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Dessert Wafers – Cialde di Montecatini

Our wonderful Dessert Wafers – Cialde di Montecatini are typical almond wafers originating from the Tuscan village of Montecatini Terme. In particular, the Cialda or Wafer is made from a traditional family recipe with a gorgeously unique taste!

Having said this, our producer hand crafts our delicious Cialde. They are a sweet, friable, flaky pastry wafer with a vanilla flavor and contain delicious almonds from the Puglia region.  In fact, the ingredients are of such high quality, that you can smell the perfume of deliciously sweet Italian almonds even with a sealed package!!

Furthermore, our producer makes the Dessert Wafers with almond dough enclosed between two thin wafer layers.

As a result, the wafers do not contain artificial flavors, artificial coloring or preservatives.

Giannetti Artisans selects producers that use only high quality ingredients to make their specialty goods. We search for items that originate from various regions and areas around Italy only.

Enjoy the taste of Tuscan Artisanal Dessert Wafer at breakfast with milk, coffee, tea. At the same time, you can even spread some marmalade or chocolate when you’re not feeling so guilty! In fact, we highly recommend the wafers with gelato. Delicious with Vin Santo, dessert wines, whip cream or fruit salad as well!

Ingredients: Italian almonds, sugar, wheat flour, milk, eggs, vanillin flavors. No added fats or chemical additives. (8.11 OZ)

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Pack Size

Single Box – 5 Wafers, 2-Pack Total 10 Wafers, 3-Pack Total 15 Wafers

2 reviews for Dessert Wafers – Cialde di Montecatini

  1. Gail Malvini

    HEAVEN ! This makes ALL other wafers….regardless what country produced them! These wafers are truly sinful . ….and I pray that I will “sin” for many years to come . …Well done Sally!

  2. Fabiola Zambon

    I received these wafers last week, as a surprise. Wondering what I might have ordered, since the package was marked “Fragile,” I opened it. I hadn’t realized right away that it contained food, until I saw the wafer, which is, itself, a work of art. When I tasted the first one, much like the mindful packaging, the layers melted away, one by one, so delicious that I believed the illusion that I had suddenly become a gourmet. Never in my life, have I experienced such a sophisticated, almost bashful, procession of flavors, mounting from under that delicate crust. Now I know why the package was marked “Fragile.”
    Since they make such a chic entrance, I sent them to colleagues and friends, and when I saw (just now), that they were no longer in stock on Amazon, I cyberstalked them.
    I admit that it’s partially the whole Amazon trauma, that motivates me to join the applause of so many reviewers who gave Giannetti Artisans a solid 5 star ranking. That, and also to encourage their continued production until the day that I die. 🙂

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