Homemade Chestnut Flour Pasta Recipe

Giannetti Artisans Homemade Chestnut Flour Pasta Recipe

Preparation time for Giannetti Artisans Homemade Chestnut Flour Pasta Recipe: 35 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people:

5.29 OZ (150 gr) Giannetti Artisans Italian Chestnut Flour from Garfagnana
3.52 OZ (100 gr) of Corn Flour (or “polenta”)
1.41 OZ (40 gr) of Rice Flour – used to get rid of stickiness in pasta dough
1 tablespoon of Giannetti Artisans IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 medium-sized eggs
2 tablespoons of water


Sift chestnut flour, add corn flour to a large bowl, and quickly mix together. Add a tablespoon of olive oil, add eggs and then add water. Mix together. You will obtain a compact dough/compound and you will notice it to be sticky. Rice flour is used to avoid sticking. Add rice flour to the pasta dough and knead thoroughly. Once you have gotten a compact dough block you can cut it in the middle and start rolling it out. Best results if you use a pasta machine otherwise you can roll the pasta dough by hand using a rolling pin. If you do decide to roll out by hand we suggest that you do so by putting pasta dough between 2 pieces of oven sheets. If you use a pasta machine remember not to roll dough too finely because it may rip.
Pasta cooking time is about 5 min.

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