The Fun Basics of Artisan Food

The Fun Basics of Artisan Food

The Fun Basics of Artisan Food…

Head to your local farmers’ market or any street fair and you’re sure to see a banner that says “Artisan Food.”

Whether it’s bread, pasta, cheese, or charcuterie, artisan food has grown in popularity over the past few years because of its high-quality nature.

But what actually is artisan food?

Keep reading to find out!

What Is Artisan Food?

The term “artisan” refers to the non-industrialized method of making food. While most products today are created for mass production, artisan refers to the fact that the food is handmade and in small batches which allows for greater control over the product and unique batches that may never be reproduced again.

Additionally, artisan foods that require fermentation or aging allow this process to happen naturally while other industrialized methods use science and technology to speed up this process.

Artisan can also refer to processes for creating food that has been handed down through generations. Because the process of creating artisan food is not as productive cost-wise, the techniques are often at risk of being lost. Additionally, the process also uses original recipes that are free from modern additives.

The products won’t last as long in your fridge but they’ll easily be some of the best that you’ve ever tasted and much better for you.

Benefits of Artisan Food

By purchasing artisan food, you’re helping to support the local economy and small businesses. Most of the time, artisan food makers and vendors are locals themselves and are creating the food using traditional methods because they want to share the culture and because they love it. Purchasing artisanal food helps support the local economy and drive more money into other independent businesses.

Not only does artisan food have fewer additives and support small businesses, but artisan foods can also be better for the environment.

Many artisan food makers pride themselves on using local and organic ingredients. This means that the ingredients don’t need to be transported from another country, resulting in lower emissions. The use or organic products means that no pesticides are used and less dangerous groundwater runoff enters streams or bodies of water.

Artisan Food Products

Artisan food products range a wide variety of categories and really any food made using traditional techniques can be considered artisan.

However, there are a few types of products that you’re more likely to see advertised as “artisan” than others.

Really, the options are endless and you could easily have an entire feast out of just artisan food products

Purchase Artisan Food Products Today

Ready to support your local economy, preserve traditional cooking methods, and help the environment?

Start shopping for artisan foods today. From oils and vinegar to traditional almond biscotti and handmade taralli, we have a wide selection of artisan products with Tuscany roots.

Want to learn a bit more about artisan food? Keep reading for traditional recipes, history, and tasting lessons, or shop our products now.

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  1. I loved that you talked about how artisan food helps support our community’s economy. Recently, my wife and I started to eat healthier and with more consciousness. We’ve heard a little about handcrafted products, but we haven’t tried them yet, so we’ll be sure to look for some baked goods next time! Thanks for the information on handcrafted products.

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