Italy’s Finest: 4 Famous Italian Dishes You Should Cook Tonight

Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world. With so many full flavors and combinations, it’s no wonder why so many people love this style of food.

Going out to our favorite Italian restaurant isn’t always an option, but no one wants to make the same foods every evening. To give yourself some extra inspiration for dinner tonight, we’ve collected some of the most famous Italian dishes that are easy to make and taste amazing.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, these dishes are your key to a perfect meal!

1. Risotto

This dish is creamy and decadent, all without ever using any dairy at all. It has a reputation for being difficult, but all it takes is a little bit of time and effort. Stirring the broth into the rice is the hardest part of the entire thing, but that’s only because it takes at least twenty minutes for the rice to release its starches.

There are hundreds of variations for risotto, such as with chicken, mushrooms, peas, or lobster. Have it as a side or make some extra and have it as a main course.

The best part about risotto is that you can make some fried arancini with the leftovers!

2. Lasagna

Layered, fresh, and cheesy, lasagna is an Italian food we’ve all had at least once. It looks fancy and tastes delicious, but doesn’t take much effort at all.

Once you have your meat sauce cooked up, it’s as simple as layering up all of the ingredients and then baking. Pasta sheets, meat sauce, cheese, repeat.

It’s easy, quick, and the perfect way to indulge after a hard day at work.

3. Carbonara

The creamy sauce paired with the salty bacon and spicy pepper flakes is a divine combination. Italian recipes for this dish vary but it’s simple at its core.

Cream, eggs, and cheese are all you need to start this wonderful dish. Pick your pasta, fry up some bacon, and throw it all together. The heat from the pasta cooks the eggs in the sauce, giving you the perfect consistency.

4. Pizza

Why always order a pizza when they’re easy to make at home? Whip up a pizza dough with ingredients that are found in most pantries, add a drizzle of high-quality olive oil, and then go wild with the toppings.

The nice thing about making your own pizza is that you get to choose the exact amount of cheese and toppings that go on top. Add on as much as you want and enjoy the results!

Try Adding These Tasty Italian Dishes to Your Regular Meal Plan

There’s no reason to make all of the same dinners every week. Adding a few more dishes to your meal plan brings a spark of excitement to your week.

Start by making some of the Italian dishes listed above. They’re all easy to make but look impressive on the plate.

Using the best ingredients is a fail-proof way to get a delicious meal. Make sure to check out our artisan foods that bring any meal to a whole new level.

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  1. Jarom Linton says:

    I really like that you touched on how Carbonara usually has thick creamy and crispy bacon in the dish. My spouse and I are thinking about eating more Italian food because we want to eat a Mediterranean diet. We aren’t great cooks so we need to try these dishes at a highly rated restaurant first.

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