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How to Taste Olive Oil

How to Taste Olive Oil

Tasting Olive Oil: I found a great article on Olive Oil! See the instructions on how to taste olive oil and what to look for when purchasing a good olive oil. As a matter of fact, price isn’t the only aspect to focus on, or better yet price may indicate what it is you are purchasing.

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Also remember that industrial olive oil can be colored using chlorophyll which makes the Olive Oil look bright green and pretty!

It is not necessary as many people think that you need the sediment (known as sludge or morchia). This is the just residue that does not serve any purpose and it decays. Your best bet is to just buy filtered Olive Oil.

When buying Olive Oil look for the IGP or DOP Certificate which certifies the origin of the product. (

Italy is the European country with the highest number of “agro-food” protected products in Europe. It holds over 290 DOP, or IGP certified products.  In fact, Italy is recognized for a variety of foods excellent in taste, authenticity, and genuineness thanks to the certifications imposed.

DOP and IGP are certifications often found on labels of products found in Italy. As a result, a producer that is  awarded any one of these labels means that the product guarantees a traditional taste as well as high quality and reliability of who produces it. Let’s take a closer look to the significance of each one of these labels.

DOP – Denominazione d’Origine Protetta ( Protected Designation of Origin [P.D.O.] certification)

DOP – Denominazione d’Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin (RED LABEL)

This label requires that a food product be produced within the specified region using defined methods that satisfy a defined quality standard.  A DOP certification guarantees that a product in all its production phases has been carried out in a strictly defined geographic area. Keep in mind that a DOP certification can be given to producers of small villages too! In addition, the production method has to follow very strict regulation and is examined by experts to guarantee quality.

This mark is guaranteed by the European Community (EU). In fact, it was created to promote the authenticity and artisan characteristics of certain food and agricultural products.

IGP – Indicazione Geografica Protetta ( Protected Geographical Indication [P.G.I.] certification )

IGP – Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication (BLUE LABEL)

The IGP label applies slightly less stringent regulations than the DOP label. Generally, it specifies that the quality of the food product is directly linked to the region where it is produced, processed, or prepared.
The label is awarded to food products from specific regions in Italy guaranteeing the authenticity and traditional production methods.


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