Great Recipe Using Delicious Pistachio Flour from Italy!

Great Recipe Using Delicious Pistachio Flour from Italy

Great Recipe Using Delicious Pistachio Flour from Italy

Hello All! – Buongiorno a tutti!

I thought I would post this video of an awesome Pistachio Cake recipe! I got this recipe from one of my producers in Sicily and translated it from Italian to English….!! The video was created by some extraordinary students at Dominican University in River Forest, IL – USA where I personally graduated from majoring in International Business and Italian back in 2000.

Once the marketing professor found out I was a small entrepreneur and a Dominican Alum he thought it would be great to work with the students in order create a hands on project for future DU entrepreneurs.

Sure enough, last year Dominican University and I worked together to create a project for an entrepreneurship class that was being taught by Professor Jeff Bell (a great person and good friend of mine)! The students used the Giannetti Artisans Sicilian Pistachio Flour to make the cake and said it was delicious! Purchase Giannetti Pistachio Flour here:

The music in the background is my Uncle Adriano Giannetti Sr. (sax) and my Cousin Adriano Giannetti Jr. (accordion) who played in a band together for Italian weddings around Chicago. The music is an important part of the video because it is the music my Grandparents and many people of that era used to dance to. Just a little piece of my Italian origins all tied together.



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