4 Artisan Foods That Make Great Gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gift to send a friend or family member for a special occasion, consider sending an authentic Italian treat. We carry a variety of delicious Italian foods and snacks, and we have picked four that we feel make the best gifts.

Italian Handmade Almond Biscotti

Our Italian handmade almond biscotti are delicious and are sure to please everyone. They are imported from Tuscany, Italy and are hand-rolled with more almonds than biscotti. The biscotti are softer than most other types, which is how it’s traditionally made in Tuscany. It’s easy to pack and ships well too. The biscotti are flavorful and really are a little taste of Italy. They are a certified Italian product and come in an adorable package. They can be enjoyed alone or with coffee or tea.

Tuscany’s Almond Dessert Wafers

Tuscany’s Almond Dessert Wafers are almond-flavored wafers that are sweet and flaky. They can be used to make a crispy shell or ice cream topping or can just be enjoyed plain. Some people like to dip them in chocolate or dunk them in coffee. They are tasty, no matter how you enjoy them.  They are a certified Italian product and are imported from Montecatini Terme. Each pack comes with five wafers, which makes them a fun little gift and something that can be shared with others.

Handmade Italian Dark Chocolate

Chocolate always makes a great gift, and this handmade Italian dark chocolate is some of the best you can buy. It is made in Florence, Tuscany by a family-owned company that has been making chocolate for decades. It comes in a pack of three, and each pack has different flavors. You can give all three packs as one gift or separate them and make three gifts out of it. It will melt in your mouth, and it’s rich and flavorful. You may have a hard time parting with it.

Handmade Italian Chocolate Drops

These handmade Italian chocolate drops are little pieces of heaven. They are imported from Tuscany and made with certified Italian dark chocolate. The package contains three different boxes, each in a different shape and flavor. They can be given all together as one gift or split up to make three gifts. The chocolate is rich and silky, with just the right amount of other flavors. It demonstrated the elegance of Italian craftsmanship and made the perfect gift.

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