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About Italian Food

Giannetti Artisans is a young company that tells the personal story about the owner Sally Giannetti; a first generation Italian-American born and raised in Chicago by immigrant parents. Her father Paolo was born in Lucca, Tuscany and mother Adalia born in Pisa, Tuscany.

Sally grew up in an environment learning that most immigrants living far from their homeland, tend to jealously hold on to their local traditions and cultures. In fact, the Italians are especially fond of their culinary culture….just like Sally’s parents!

For this reason, Sally developed a passion that goes far beyond food. Growing a garden, making wine or caring for an olive grove is part of the Italian culture. It gathers family and it allows you to appreciate the simplicity, quality and genuine aspects of the old country.  The Italians near and far hold on to the old time preparation methods of their local Artisanal Italian food goods. This reminds them of their families, their grandfathers and childhood moments. Ultimately, they have fond memories bottling some good olive oil after spending weeks picking olives in the groves!

About Italian Food

Giannetti Artisans is founded on the concept to “bring back” the culinary tastes and traditions of the old Italy.  As a matter of fact we believe that our goods are next to impossible to imitate.

Sally moved to Florence in 2000 where she currently resides. She became an expert of Artisanal food good production and obtained awareness of Italian cooking customs. Sally personally selects each and every product that is in the Giannetti Artisans’s product line.

In any case, even though Sally is of Italian heritage, certain cooking and/or food customs are inevitably “left behind” if you don’t live or visit Italy long enough. Having said this, Sally confirms that the Italians taught her how valuable Artisanal Italian food really is.

Ultimately, Sally’s family instilled within her those culinary & cultural values quality goods that inspired her to pass on that very same passion to her clients. She hopes to transfer the value of living and eating truly Italian to all of those passionate food people out there! Enjoy Giannetti Artisans, Enjoy authentic Artisanal Italian food!

“Please allow me to bring to you the authentic tastes and goods of my culture. Perhaps I’ll bring that same smile to you that my father has every time I pull out a  “delizia” from my suitcase! To all those passionate for food, Buon Appetito!” – Sally Giannetti

“…..Dopo tutto un’opera d’arte non si realizza con le idee, ma con le mani…..”   (Picasso)


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